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Hay Roll Handling Trailer

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Hay Roll Handling Trailer

Load from the side to store bales for side-by-side storage - bale bed accessible, or load from the back for conventional end-to-end windrow storage. The bales convey easily and smoothly on the rollers. No more pushing to make the bales slide on side dump trailers. This means you can use a smaller tractor, burn less fuel and a whole lot less stress on your transmission. Hauls six bales for side-to-side bale bed windrows or up to nine bales for end-to-end windrows.
  • Axles & Tires - 2-7000 lb. (one brake, one idler)
  • 235/80/R16 10 ply.
  • 6.5 feet in width
  • Weight: 5400 lbs.
  • Coupler: Bulldog, 2 5/16 inch
  • Ball required.
  • Roller bed is 42.6 O.D.
  • Rollers w/ 5/8 inch shoulder bolts & oil impregnated brass bushings.
  • Bed length: 37.5 feet.

Hay Roll Handling Trailer

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Unloading the Hay Roll Handling Trailer

The Hayroll Trailer unloads your bales in windrows for fast, easy access by any bale bed. No longer do you have to spin your bales before picking them up with your bale bed. That means you don't even have to get out of your pick-up when you're ready to feed. Just back up, squeeze and go with far easier loading. No need to move your tractor or have a second tractor to unload. The Hayroll Trailer unloads itself fast and easy. Just disengage the latch and the trailer bed will dump by itself. Get in your pick-up and drive away! It does all this without any mechanical devices, jacks or hydraulics!

When unloading, your hay does not roll. The rollers on the bed of the Hayroll Trailer do the work. This means it is gentle on the strings, net wrap and the bales themselves. Even old flat-sided bales unload easily without doing further damage to the bales. Most importantly, no more hay is wasted because the groundside of the bales stays down!

*3-year structural warranty. Registration required.

The Hayroll Trailer will give you many years of trouble free service. Constructed primarily of 8 inch 15 pound beam, 7 inch 9.8 pound channel and Schedule 40 pipe, this trailer has almost twice the steel in it than most conventional hay trailers, yet it pulls like a dream.

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