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solar feeders

Single Solar Feeder 1000

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Solar Feeder 1000
Built of heavy 14 gauge steel, this feeder holds 1,000 lbs. of grain and will feed approximately 10 full-grown cattle and can also feed deer. Stability pegs at each corner secure your feeder after set up. The feeder is 6'10" tall and 72" square (add 3" for leg supports when planning for delivery). Highway reflectors help ensure safe towing. The SF 1000 has a standard 2, 2 5/16 or farm hitch. A sturdy feed shutoff handle prevents loss of feed during transit and the removable tongue protects you from theft when you are not in the pasture.


Custom Solar Feeder 10000

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Custom Solar Feeder 10000
Heavy 12 gauge steel makes this feeder strong and sturdy. It also includes 4 synchronized spinner plates and motors. Control or limit individual spinners with individual spinner on/off switches. It holds up to 10,000 lbs. of feed while providing abundant'trough space. Four individual spinners ensure even distribution of feed for up to 60 animals. A 12 volt battery system powers the timer and shut off switches for the individual spinners and agitating motors.


Solar Feeders
Save Time and Money
An excellent time-saving way of feeding your cattle, sheep, goats, and other livestock with the right amount of feed, at just the right time, every time and in all weather conditions. Just think of the amount of time you could save if you didn't have to hand feed your livestock and just how much money would you save if you could take advantage of bulk feed - eliminating waste? Solar Feeders reduce the amount of labor involved with feeding livestock while improving animal nutrition, and is a demonstrated way to save you money.

Energy Efficient
Solar Feeders are powered by a 12 volt battery system that is recharged by a solar panel. The feeder will only require one day of sunlight for every three to four weeks of feeder use, and in some cases indoor fluorescent lighting will recharge the battery. The 12-volt battery system powers the spinner and associated motor (which are located below the hopper) and optional agitating motors. You decide when and how long the spinner will run during each feeding. You can also adjust the spinner's height to suit the kind of feed your using - this can be pre-adjusted for you when you order your Solar Feeder.

Simple to Use
All you need to do is tow the Solar Feeder to your local CO-OP or feed store to fill it. Most CO-OPs or feed stores will deliver feed to you for purchases over 3,000 lbs. Close the hopper shut-off handle (or handles, depending on the model that you have) and tow it back to your pasture without wasting any feed. Unhook the feeder on a relatively level surface, set and secure the stabilizing legs - one or four stabilizers, depending on the size of your feeder. After the stabilizing legs are secure, set the timer for the amount of time and when you want the spinner to dispense feed.

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